About the Author

I am avidly interested in the biological evolution of brain and the unconscious mind and actively studied adaptive problem solving, modeled the unconscious/intuitive mind and created processes to improve human performance using these insights.

Due to some bizarre early life experiences, I accidentally developed a very accurate sixth sense and an enhanced spidey sense (read early warning system). During this period, I tripped on technical, scientific and non-esoteric insights which led to a very deep understanding of the individual and collective operation of the unconscious mind. I left the Indian Navy after 16 years in uniformed service to join the corporate world where I served in global senior executive management positions in a multitude of roles. After doing a stint as a product engineering and innovation consultant, I moved to the healthcare domain working on connected care and medical device innovation.

I am currently based out of Dallas, Texas working as a design engineer in the healthcare field and frequently blog on this site where I offer contrarian insights for the rapidly changing world.

Carpe Diem