About the Author

My story is similar to Alice in Wonderland. While chasing a white rabbit down the rabbit hole, I stumbled into the world of unconscious Search (US), discovering how inventors invent their way out of gridlocks to find unique, obvious and hidden in plain sight solutions. I now apply this method for product engineering, innovation and resolving innovator’s gridlocks. I am a reverse engineer by trade, a design engineer by specialization and an innovator by obsession.

Due to some bizarre early life experiences, I accidentally developed a very accurate sixth sense and an enhanced spidey sense (read early warning system). Many times I thought that I was probably becoming delusional, but my peers and friends continued to convince me otherwise. During this period, I tripped on technical, scientific and non-esoteric insights which led to a very deep understanding of the individual and collective operation of the unconscious mind. What I discovered blew my mind away and will surely shock you as it will assemble all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together.

Avidly interested in the biological evolution of brain and the unconscious mind, I actively studied adaptive problem solving, modeled the unconscious/intuitive mind and created processes to improve human performance using these insights.

I left the Indian Navy after 16 years in uniformed service to join the corporate world where I served in global senior executive management positions in a multitude of roles. After doing a stint as a product engineering and innovation consultant, I moved to the healthcare domain working on connected care and medical device innovation.

Known as an uncertainty expert in my circles, it may help you to know that the world is becoming a more and more uncertain place, and our biological skill set has not really evolved to deal with the disruptive complexity. People devise strategies to deal with uncertainty/complexity, organizations dedicate extended resources for risk analysis/risk mitigation to deal with fast-changing market and economic dynamics, without much success. It is now well known that conventional strategy is known to perform poorly in complex situations but, spectacularly fails during accelerating uncertainty.

Our ability to optimally utilize and leverage our massively parallel, hierarchical, cascading and nesting biological neural networks can help us stay ahead of the curve. We have a superior right hemispheric and sub-cortical bio-inspired supercomputer which can never be replicated by any amount of technological innovation. If one does not know how to deal with unfolding uncertainty, irrespective of the success, wealth or titles achieved in life, their fitness function is deemed poor on the evolutionary fitness scale. This is a field that keeps me obsessed at night and made me do a PhD level research in this area using my own money and time.

I am currently based out of Dallas, Texas working as a design engineer in the healthcare field and frequently blog on this site where I offer contrarian insights for the rapidly changing world. Hope you enjoy reading my rants and musings and thank you for being on this site. Stay safe during this unprecedented time in the world. Nothing lasts forever, so, this will also pass.

Carpe Diem