The Art of Strategic Intuition (Stratuit ©)

An Online Training Program in Developing Your Intuitive Capabilities

(Released to Key Clients, Public Program will be released in 2020 due to client embargo)

Intuition is marketed by some as a supernatural power that requires unconventional methods i.e. colour therapy, visualization etc. to tap into.  Some have layered intuition with spiritual overtones while others consider intuitive people to be naturally gifted or genetically pre-disposed. Intuition is considered an enigma for most and hence the mystical overtones around this topic. I have been studying intuition, its evolutionary, biological, computational, neuro-psychological and epistemological origins for more than a decade. My specific focus has been the neural, cognitive, behaviour and noetic dimensions of intuitive processing. Most importantly, I have studied in great detail the link between intuitive processing, attention systems controlling insights and unconscious decisions.  The deeper understanding of interconnected functions enhanced the cognitive-kinematic-embodied behaviour of those who strike luck or entrepreneurs who have used intuition to generate game-changing products. It has also provided a repeatable framework around understanding emergent strategy principles and how civic, industrial and scientific revolutions were guided by optimal utilization of sophisticated intuition. 

More recently, Department of Defense and specifically Office of Naval Research has shown a keen interest in Intuition, Intuitive Decision Making and foresight based decision support systems (see below). Based on empirical evidence from around two dozen intense training programs conducted with CEO’s, Entrepreneurs as well regular people stuck with severe problems of their own, we can claim with confidence that learning to educate and train the intuition can lead to significant improvements in taking accurate and timely unconscious decisions. We can also claim that our methodology is superior in effectiveness to the methodology the naval research teams have discovered.

Art of Stategic Intuition

In this upcoming program, we will teach deeper dynamics of language framing and how framing can activate sub-symbolic processing systems. Once the ability to frame a query is enhanced, the second step is to understand how the unconscious processing systems (intuitive systems) stream output information through multi-bandwidth channels including symbolic language systems as well as sub-symbolic somatic systems. Intuitive processors can develop an inner guidance system which once well trained can provide baseline decision support for improved unconscious decisions. Intuitive processors get clearer and accurate insights across the bandwidth of hindsight, insights and foresights which can be used to develop prescriptive insights (strategy) or allow for automatic, unconscious and optimal decision support. For entrepreneurs or creative thinkers, this structured and repeatable process of significantly improving intuition can be a game changer in the competitive and creative landscape. Most importantly, Intuitive Processing Systems (IPS) is similar to using a sophisticated piece of equipment. A lack of knowledge of features and advanced functionality can lead to a sloppy and sup-optimal user exploitation of system features.  However, a deeper understanding of features and functions can lead to a superior optimization and improved functional output. In this upcoming program, we will keep the training free of all mambo jumbo and all spiritual or metaphysics stuff. We will create paradigm shifts in understanding and utilization of intuition, intuitive intelligence, intuitive guidance and intuitive range of insights. We must emphasize that an untrained intuition is worst than not having the intuitive ability at all. In this program, we will teach the participants how to incrementally and continuously train their intuition over multiple contexts and over their lifespan leading to significant gains in all parts of life.

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