Cluster Patterns

It is said that the “Birds of a feather flock together”. The literal meaning of the phrase is that living entities with external and internal characteristics cluster together. The figurative meaning being that birds of same multi-dimensional characters flock together.

Is it also possible that humans also unconsciously and intuitively cluster together with their own types ?

We regularly see clustering of humans in our environment in communities, cities and relationships due to external appearances i.e. skin colour, dressing sense, choice of activities. As we will show in this book, there a much deeper link between why bird of a flock or multi-dimensional human beings cluster together. While we do not chose our family or origin or country of origin, we do have free will in replacing older preference templates with new ones. The “Free Will” function is severely locked down early in childhood and takes a lot of effort and internal transformative work to make use of this faculty. In the absence of an optimally functioning free will and lack of awareness of the process itself,  most of our clustering activity is driven by our intuitive and unconscious decisions. We are rarely consciously aware of the massive internal networks that guide choice, inference, judgement and decision making apparatus with us. Even if we become aware of the “Deep Mind” running us versus we running the “Deep Mind”, it is quite challenging to change those reinforced habit patterns.

From “Mate Recognition” to “Migratory Choices” right across to choosing our friends, Automated and “Intuitive Clustering” is an unconscious process that influences our perceptions and choice. In this upcoming book, I will use existing research and empirical insights to draw up a framework for “unconscious clustering” of humans in a multi-dimensional hyperspace.

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