We are currently working with a few clients who are are early adopters of our groundbreaking strategy and problem-solving processes. While we prepare for a commercial launch of our products and services, we are open to consulting assignments specific to the focus area(s). If you have an urgent problem that is humming you out of patience slowly, reach out to us and we would love to help. We are the only company that offers an OaaS (Outcomes as a Service) framework. You may want to read our Core Philosophy and Problem Solving Approach at this link.

We have a consulting package available, where we discuss a small retainer fee and scope of the engagement. The final amount is paid once you have successfully achieved your outcome. Needless to say, due to our consulting model, we receive a large number of requests. We carefully elect to work with few clients due to the opportunity costs of working on one project versus the other. Kindly also note that due to the potential misuse of the processes, we do not work with politicians and lobbyists. We also have training programs which do not include the OaaS framework but are designed around achieving outcomes. A 30-day unconditional refund is offered in the training programs and in exceptional cases, we extend the refund policy. Our core training program is 12-18 week “Mental Model Innovation” and a lite program is a 4 week “Art of Intuition” which will be released soon. We currently fully booked till 24 Oct 2019. 

Please drop us an email through the contact page and we will set up a preliminary, no commitment call to discuss your requirements. Kindly read the disclaimer below. You will be asked to sign an “Informed Consent” with us prior to commencing any interventions (consulting and training).

Disclaimer - Discomfort