* Mental Model Innovation © is a fully protected name and process pending registration. The term Mental Model Innovation © is also copyrighted and registered in multiple jurisdictions. The name and it’s processes may be not used without written permission.

Mental Model Innovation

Inventors and Innovators have disproportionately contributed to the advancement of our hunter-gatherer and now industrial society. Inventors are celebrated since times immemorial, and inventive skills are internal skills which are responsible for innovative leaps in entrepreneurship, healthcare and social services. Our education system has failed to impart key inventive abilities to students and are now trying to catch up to this key skill. Inventive skills is not a recent phenomenon. It so happens that evolution towards bipedal-ism and the migration from the deep forests to the savannas led to bigger brains. Bigger brains evolved to deal with the increasing complexity with millions of probabilistic distributions in our day to day life. Soon, our environment was dominated by social interactions. Inventive skills or adaptive skills have been a natural ability of the brain since then. Mental Model Innovation © is a groundbreaking process utilized in multiple contexts from problem solving to inventing right across to strategy formulation.

Mental Model Innovation © is a powerful problem-solving toolkit where individuals or groups are placed in a Simulated Reality (SR) **. Once in an artificially created SR, their intuitive and rational processing systems are calibrated using the proprietary toolkit. Iterative Cycles are reinforced till clear actionable insights towards finding an optimal, oblique and frictionless path to solutions surface in the consciousness.

Mental Model Innovation © is a 12 week to 18-week program where one is coached to solve any problem with close to 100% success . This is based on a groundbreaking simulation framework named Phoenix Gate II © where insights emerge when problems are well framed and after insight channels are neurologically calibrated. Once the channels opens up and insights emerge in one’s consciousness, an “Insight based Strategy” can be developed to solve the problem at hand.

It is an intense program where one is coached to fish versus being dependent on others to solve their individual, business or corporate problems. The problem-solving toolkit has been developed empirically and tested with multiple clients in various contexts. It is the only holistic problem-solving toolkit which is inspired by 26 different subjects and opens up insight channels within 3-5 weeks of starting the program. The program enables a convergence of top-down and bottom up channels creating significant paradigm shifts in short periods by re-framing one’s mental models. Full details of the training program will be updated here shortly. In the meantime, please reach out to us through our contact page.

** Simulated Reality (SR) is a framework in which information processing leads to the creation of a system and the system generates experience. Simulated Reality (SR) is different from Virtual Reality (VR) where the practitioner is aware that they are in an artificially created reality. In Simulated Reality, the awareness of separation is significantly closed where one experiences the same challenges they will experience in the real word. This allows one to solve problems in simulation, fail in simulation and recover in simulation thereby significantly increasing the chances of succeeding in the real world. *** The success rate is dependent on the diligent application of the process. 70% of the clients will achieve their success in Pass 1, 20% require another pass in the process, and there are 10% who will require the 3rd pass at the process. Our process works at your intuitive expertise level and builds up a problem-solving skillset. People have individual learning preferences, so results may vary.