There are many movies/documentaries made around the theme of Intuition but in most of them intuition is a side theme. Here are two movies where Intuition is a main theme, specifically a theme which advises us to trust our intuition. As an intuition researcher who has created a detailed computational, epistemological and phenomenological framework around intuition, I have also added my comments and review of the movie below.

Innsæi: The Power of Intuition

Innsæi: The Power of Intuition is an Icelandic movies made around the real story of a woman who was growing in her career with United Nations in conflict zones and felt disconnected and out of touch with her body’s wisdom. Looking at the world through the same lens, she saw that the world lacked empathy, left her job and embarked on a journey that led to the making of the movie. A story of soul searching, science, nature and creativity, InnSæi takes us on a global journey to uncover the art of connecting within in today’s world of distraction and stress using intuition. The movie directors meet with world-renowned scientists like Marti Spiegelman, an expert in neuroscience and indigenous consciousness who believes that we are only using a fraction of our capacity as human beings, with devastating consequences for the planet; artists like Marina Abramovic, the “grandmother of performance art” who teaches that “in order to create something new human beings need to go into the unknown”; and spiritual leaders like the captivating Malidoma Patrice Somé, a West African elder and author who reasons that “intuition binds us together. Without it we lose our sense of purpose and belonging.”  They also meet an extraordinary group of British schoolchildren who are learning how to better cope in today’s world by unlocking the power of nature and mindfulness.

My Review of the Movie – Innsæi: The Power of Intuition

The movie starts with a good motive i.e to research the lack of empathy and connection with our own body, with nature and with others in this world maze, however gets lost from there on. The directors of this movie think that empathy is a synonym for intuition and at times I thought that the movie title was a click bait for the term intuition as there is a heightened curiosity and interest in intuition versus empathy. That said, the movie has some very strong visuals, breathtaking photography and some really moving frames. The video frames of Marina Abramovic and her subjects experiencing emphatic connection without any verbal interaction is moving. The movie could have highlighted more on the EEG based research of the two brains/minds that is highlighted, but I understand that the movie is made for a general audience. Iain McGilchrist’s interviews are a breath of fresh air in this interview where he talks about unconscious awareness of some sort of deception through hunches/gut feelings when we meet someone though there is no elaboration on it. Finally, the movie navigates into mindfulness and talks about how some schools are teaching mindfulness to young students from impoverished backgrounds. The script fails to make a connection of mindfulness with intuition. Overall I would rate this movie 2 on a scale from 1-5 where as the script seems disjointed, the title is click bait and the movie jumps from one frame to another without elaborating on any scientific research or even serious research in the area. This movie that claims to inspire intuition needs a serious remake, but is worth watching for those who know nothing about the recent scientific research about intuition that has significantly emerged in the last twenty years specifically the research by noted researchers Gerd Gigerenzer, Daniel Kahneman, Gary Klein and Malcolm Gladwell. It also fails to build up on the research into Artificial Intuition, a subject that combines Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition and Robotics to create a human intuition like framework. I had high expectations from this movie, but came away disappointed.

PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System

PGS – Intuition is your personal guidance system is a a movie made by writer and journalist Bill Bennett who heard a voice at an intersection to slow down thereby saving his life when a truck crossed the intersection in his right of the way. This move is his journey to find the source of that mysterious voice which saved his life. It features some of the world’s leading experts on intuition spanning the fields of science, religion, and spirituality. Bill discovered that intuition is part of a subtle energetic system that seeks to protect us and guide us along our life’s journey so that we can achieve our true purpose – and lead a life of fulfillment and contentment. He called it our PGS – our Personal Guidance System.

He was determined to find out what that voice was, so he spent three years traveling the world interviewing experts on intuition, spanning the fields of science, religion and spirituality, Bill interviews Caroline Myss, Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, James Van Praagh, Lee Carroll , Judith Orloff, MD, Michael Tamura, Dean Radin, Paul Selig, Jeffrey L. Fannin PhD and many others.

The movie is only available right now through this streaming site on rent and also available as a book on Amazon.

My Review of the Movie – PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System

Bill Bennett has attempted to create intrigue in this movie by starting with his personal story of hearing a voice inside his head when he was crossing an intersection where he had the right of way, but slowed down anyway. Within seconds, a truck cross from the other side of the intersection which could have killed him. From there on Bill goes on a world tour interviewing saints, mystics, scientists, mediums and Buddhist monks on the origins of intuition and how to tap into it more effectively. Bill has used the analogy of GPS with PGS (Personal Guidance System) and then built a script around it. The movie starts with his research on keywords “Intuition saved my life” and then queries his subjects on what they thought he experienced.

This movie has a spiritual/religious slant versus a more scientific slant as it seems that Bill wants to believe that his guardian angel saved him or Indian monks reinforce that opening the third eye somehow activated his intuition and saved his life. The better interviews are held with Dean Radin who has done a lot of research into quantum entanglement and its possible connection with psi research or Extra-Sensory powers. However, beyond a very basic discussion on the subject, nothing is discussed. As an intuition researcher who has created a repeatable framework for understanding and improving intuition, I felt that this movie barely touched on the subject of intuition and only amplified the popularized voices in the intuition domain who have create a self-help pop psychology movement around it. I would rate this movie 2 on a scale of 1 to 5. Watching the above two movies prompted me to think that perhaps that I should make a movie around this subject with more focus on the scientific research around the topic.

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I will keep adding more movies to this list and eventually highlight the movies where intuition is a peripheral theme.