If you believe in sixth sense or think there is something supernatural in the sixth sense, you have come to the right place. I was like you many years back. In addition to having a strong belief about the unexplained super-naturality of sixth sense, I also had an accurate sixth sense. Everything I foresaw occurred as I perceived it. I could pierce through deception of sorts within seconds for simple situations and hit the bull’s eye with some research in challenging and sophisticated situations. I was also a reverse engineer who was assigned with reverse engineering components for military/naval use which were no longer available or hard to find due to the breakdown of supply chain after the disintegration of USSR. As such, I was actively reading operations research, design engineering and hobby driven neuroscience when in a funny moment, I juxtaposed everything with everything else.

Obviously, I wanted to reverse engineer my sixth sense. I remember getting excited about starting the research, but, outside of the professional domain rarely finished anything I started. I made a pledge that it would be different this time but, soon enough I was back to the golf course and partying. However, unknown to me, I was intuitively and mostly unconsciously led into this research over many years. Having studied everything that was out there on intuition and attended every course on intuition and sixth sense, I can tell you that barring very few teachers and maximum 2-3 books, most of what exists on Intuition and sixth sense is mambo jumbo. Then, as if to leapfrog my understanding of the predictive function of intuition, I found myself bogged down by a really challenging situation in which I felt trapped and had to find a way out. The rest is history as the event led to a major career trajectory shift and living a quiet life in hibernation avidly researching sixth sense. If you still think that sixth sense is mostly hype, ask the US Navy experts who have been avidly researching the “Spidey Sense” in sailors and marines as recently as 2017.

Navy Researches Spidey Sense

In 2014, the Office of Naval Research took on a $3.85 million research program to explore the phenomena it calls premonition and intuition, or “Spidey sense,” for sailors and Marines. Anyway, like many others, I thought there was a supernatural element to it. I keenly awaited a spiritual experience in which I would have an Out of Body (OBE) experience where I would see the white light or an NDE (Near Death Experience) and suddenly awaken after being dead for few hours 🙂 and then go on to become a multimillionaire writing a book about it. However, to my great disappointment, the moment never came.

What came was instead many OOE’s which led to major insights. When my first OOE experience hit, I was in the office but lost in mindless thoughts. Soon, it became second nature. As I moved from project to project and Office to Office, my OOE’s became more intense. Those OOE’s also surprisingly improved my career performance. In one such OOE, it hit me hard that I was triangulating and more importantly, triangulating accurately. That was a game changer for my understanding of sixth sense and in the application-oriented programs that I created using that key insight. I also took the time to create computational frameworks (without code) of an observer in a 3D hyperspace (multi-dimensional invisible space) who could capture foresight on demand when required. This was a technical framework and not rooted in metaphysics, so I have the privilege of interacting with some brilliant minds in a premier institute in the city where I lived who all thought that I was crazy :). Oh ! I absolutely forgot, you must be wondering what is OOE. Well OOE is “Out of Office” experience at a time when you are in the office :).

So, what is Triangulation? Triangulation is playing with triangles. As silly as it sounds, in a sense it is true. Triangulation is using two data points to arrive at the third. In simple words, Triangulation is a way of determining something’s location using the locations of other things, objects, and events around it. As per Wikipedia, “The concept of triangulation is borrowed from navigational and land surveying techniques that determine a single point in space with the convergence of measurements taken from two other distinct points“. Triangulation is mostly an engineering method, but, we can also see the use of it in social therapy, dysfunctional families, conflict resolution and love triangles. Triangulation is used by investigators to solve crimes and used by OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) researchers like me to find data from the public domain and create analyses, forecasts, and predictions. So, triangulation is a  verb and is also a noun. Though a detailed explanation is due in another quick read, triangles that emerge as a result of triangulation and tend to remain stable become more powerful than non-triangles. A couple with a kid is a more stable system than the couple without a kid.  Gangs that have formed triads are more powerful and dangerous than bigger or two-person gangs.

Cohen and Manion (2000) define triangulation as an “attempt to map out or explain more fully, the richness and complexity of human behavior by studying it from more than one standpoint. And this is exactly what I have been doing as a hobby and now a career since the last two decades. Triangulation methods are very useful for analyzing complex system and their interconnected parts.

As we are discussing triangulation in the context of sixth sense, let us dive into a simple example. Let us assume that you are new to England and after spending a day visiting London are venturing out towards Birmingham, the most populous city in West Midlands around two hours train ride from London. You plan to visit the Library of Birmingham and assuming you are now floating within 3-4 km radius of the library ask someone for directions. The person giving you directions is very well versed with the city and its landmarks, but, can quickly triangulate (infer) from your question and your appearance that you are a visitor to the city who has probably never visited the library. Alternatively, they could also triangulate (infer) that you have a British Accent and may have visited this library way back in time. As we can see, using two data points, we can draw so many inferences. Rather, as we have already discussed in the article “Unconscious Search – The Skill they Do not Teach you Anywhere“, there are millions, billions and probably trillions of inference and outcome possibilities. Let’s move on.

Looking at the map below, if you start walking from Birmingham Children’s Hospital, as per the local person’s direction, you remember that the library is at an angular intersection of the National Sea Life and Mailbox Birmingham. As you can see below, using one triangulation calculation, you may land at the library but you also may land at Broad Street wondering if someone played a trick with your mind or the library has an invisible door prevalent in Harry Potter novels. 

If you instead carry out multiple triangulations in series or in parallel, there is a better possibility that you will land closer to the library. If you have another clue as to how the library building looks, the final cue can add precision to your calculation and make you hit the bullseye in your “search process” fairly quickly. If the building is less conspicuous as a library, then you can carry out a further set of triangulations from your landed point to develop precision. Sometimes, precision will emerge as a result of multiple triangulations, at other times, a distinct defining cue will quickly end the search process effectively. It is important to underline the fact that triangulations are nothing but hypotheses (probable realities) and can be wrong more often than right. I would also like to add that the overall process becomes more complicated if the target is movable and is skilled at deception.

Predictive Triangulation

If so far so good, using the above analogy, it is plausible that intuition is the process of triangulation and logic allows to add precision to the triangulation. However, as we have discussed above, “Logic” is simply an “add-on” and is pretty useless on its own in problem-solving in uncertain and new situations. Intuition, however, is a fundamental requirement to reach closer to the right inference. We are carrying out predictive analytics and multiple layers of triangulations to arrive at an approximate answer. If our approximate answer is correct, we can add-on further layers of triangulations or precision to end the “Search Target”. In fast-changing situations or uncertain situations, “approximate predictive search” is more resource consuming than precise search.

Let us now apply this to the “sixth sense“. When the result of the predictive analysis is completed, sixth Sense may come from internally stored data about a person, or inferred using “nearest neighbour” approach or picked up from distinct or weak cues giving by the person or available in the system. It may seem magical, but is the ability of the brain to use our interoceptive, proprioceptive and exteroceptive sensors (see image below) to signal to us about a potential hypothesis processed unconsciously. No wonder, the mainstream pop psychology calls it “Gut Feelings” which is a somewhat inaccurate description of what actually happens. Only fear and anxiety signal through the gut, for the more refined outputs, a different mechanism (hunches) are utilized.

As we discussed in “Difference between Instincts, Intuition, and Insights“, our insights can come from live situations, hindsight or emerge as foresight. The result of the processing may come as insights or through hunches or through both. We can be super accurate in triangulation and develop a strong “spidey sense” or we can be spectacularly wrong if we triangulation in the wrong direction using the wrong data points. Sixth Sense may seem like magic but it is a normal process.

Alright, now a closing treat, I want to tell you something about the supernatural nature of sixth sense. Once I had a better understanding of “Intuitive Triangulation” as discussed above, I gradually shifted from the belief that there is something esoterical about the sixth sense. My “Intuitive Triangulations” led to the creation of a powerful process ” Hyperforecasting“. Accuracy race was skyrocketing as I took a deep dive into OSINT (Open Source Intelligence Methods), Network Mapping Analysis and 15 other potent add-on processes. The internal ability to search for non-prominent and non-distinct or deceptive cues just went through an exponential improvement. Having somewhat ignored the possibility of “Supernatural Intuition“, I still had remanents of training that kept me obsessed when I was in the Navy. The “Technical Remote Viewing” methods I learned directly from former practitioners led to marginal results only. TRV is investigated by researchers in the book “The Men Who Stare at Goats” and also in a more recent serious research by Annie Jacobson in the book “Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government’s Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis

However, I was not prepared for what was coming next. The addition of significant periods of intense technical research while developing “Hyperforecasting Methods” and understanding the “Intuitive Basis for Human Decisions” was about to throw me into a triangulation intersection point I had never imagined would come.

A person whom I knew very well and was very close to me found him at the centre of complex litigation challenge. Knowing that I could help, I jumped into the fray. The problem was that while I knew enough about the core issue around the litigation challenge, I was completely clueless about what the other side was thinking which included their legal team. Surfing through all the data points and spending over 200 hours in reading case laws around similar cases, building personality models of the opponent and the lawyer, creating red team scenario analyses, I realized that I did not have anything to triangulate on further. My confidence level in hands-on winning the litigation battle skyrocketed, but now the goal post had shifted. We wanted to avoid the legal battle at all costs saving precious financial resources. We had to hire expensive lawyers to defend against a “Top Level” legal team, otherwise, we would have lost the case. For that, I needed the other side’s strategy as a key triangulation point to formulate our next response. Struggling with the dead end, while finishing an already busy workday, I just dozed off on the recliner where I was working and watching TV at the same time.

I woke up at 3 A.M in the morning, went across to the kitchen island to drink water and then wanted to jump into the bed. This kitchen island was the central prop around which I always got insights, specifically while I was filling water from that frustrating, uber slow water cooler. I suddenly remembered that I had learnt a method during “TRV” training to connect with a remote object and try and capture information. The results were successful only 30% of the time and I was unable to differentiate whether I was processing local or remote information. Armed with this past method and a new brain impedance research and that cooler, I suddenly found myself fully awake and with a surge of energy. I sat down for the next 4 hours searching for triangulation data points using the unique processes I had created from initial training and new knowledge. I finished the processes, went off to work was preparing to fly outside my country of residence for business-related work. The complete day was full of very strong hunches which converted into insights using more triangulation methods. The final emergence of very strong “remote triangulation” data point proved super accurate spooking me no end when I hit bull’s eye. As I always do during periods, I carried out a “Delusion Check“, called one of my psychologist friends to check whether I had lost it. Once he confirmed that I was normal, I went on with my daily work.

I came back early from work, packed my bags for the travel trip, talked to my friend who was in trouble, send him a draft email to send to the lawyers on the other side and told him to relax. My conviction level that it would work out was 90% (see predictive range chart), my accuracy level in the “triangulation cue” was close to 100% and I remember feeling the same confidence when I always succeeded previously. I clicked “send” on the email, took a shower, picked up my bags and as I went down the building to the waiting airline pickup, I received a phone call from my friend who was living in EST time zone. He told me that the email to the lawyers had set off a major panic on the other sides and they urgently wanted to talk to him. While the other party had already spent a couple thousand dollars retaining a powerful law firm, we had not yet spent a penny. I told him to wait until I reached my destination in a few hours and I would call him to discuss how to handle the call. In the six hours of flight, I knew that I had hit the bullseye. Within an hour of landing, I got on the call, discussed the strategy of dealing with what I would say were extremely aggressive and intimidatory lawyers and they agreed to wind down everything on behalf of their clients. Their client met my friend in a few hours and broke down profusely apologizing for the trouble caused. The “remote cue” I had picked up was remote, completely brand new in a sense that we could not have figured out and once activated would have led to serious criminal convictions for one person on the opposing side, a loss of job for another party involved in the case and a serious ethics violation and court setback for the lawyers. With one cue, we had demolished the whole case apart in seconds. The lawyers quickly vowed never to deal with their client, one person lost a very well paying job, but, we let go of pursuing anything against the key person in the case.

When I came back to my country of residence, I knew that “Supernatural Sixth Sense” works, but, it requires first learning how to optimally use the “Local Sixth Sense” or “Predictive Triangulation” function of the brain and embodied mind in controlled and harsh conditions. As a reverse engineer and due to my wasted resources on many Mambo Jambo training, I also wanted to make sure that this was no fluke and I could repeat it again and again and yet again. I eventually incorporated a level in my “Hyperforecasting Process” which incorporates this “remote cue’ information. Since actively practising the process, due to the mostly amorphous nature of the data feed, I can no longer differentiate when I am using local or remote cues. Within a few months of this event, I knew that I had discovered something unique and I left my corporate job fully jump into my current career further refining the processes.

In summary, “Sixth Sense” is a hierarchical predictive function which first capitalizes on the “low hanging fruit” i.e. existing cues inside or outside of us easily accessible, then moves on to more complex scenario analyses. Only then, it starts capturing what I call “Unconscious Neural Level Feed” from remote subjects. For those who are still sceptical, I work mostly with corporate clients, some of them from fairly large organizations and/or are running startups and work in various fields from investment banking, healthcare, venture capital, management consulting and more. By nature they are sceptical and do not want to consult or be trained by a Voodo guy, so, naturally ask harsh questions if someone sells snake oil to them. I let the processes do the work and when the outcomes are achieved, they always get spooked when their predictive analytic function hits the bullseye. Except for my clients, I have kept this framework model under the radar so far to avoid it from potential misuse. However, it looks like I am ready to throw it in the public domain in the next few months after I come back from a long sabbatical.

By the way, the “overall sixth sense function” works very well if there are no OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences), no White Lights, no NDE’s (Near Death Experiences”. So, if you experience NDE’s or OBE’s, please consult a good psychologist as soon as possible.