How does Telepathic communication work between two or more people and their unconscious minds?

Is there a sixth sense or a Seventh sense? Can we pick up information from sources outside of the bounds of time and space i.e. people or events far away from us or in the future? I am going to try to build up an essay to create plausible mechanics of how telepathy works and how we can premonitions. In doing so, I will try to stay away from metaphysical and esoteric components so as to create a plausible model/framework of sixth sense, telepathy, and other related forms of extrasensory perceptions. I do not claim to understand the exact physics of how it happens, but promise to provide you a practical, quasi-scientific way of looking at the phenomenon and then in a future essay show you how to increase these anomalous capacities.

Have you ever felt an urge to call someone, followed the urge, and realized that the person was sick or experiencing some sort of pain or discomfort? Or you called someone and they were thinking of you or vice versa? Have you ever had a “positive or adverse event notification” premonition, that something good or bad is going to happen with someone or with you? Have you ever had a directionless feeling of discomfort and not be able to put your finger on why you feel unsettled? If you have had a lot of such verified experiences in life, then you are not alone and you are not abnormal. There are many people who experience this phenomenon and either discard it as silly, supernatural, or superstitious stuff or ignore them as delusions of the mind. Yet there are others who think these are messages from God or the holy spirit. As I will explain in the essay, most of these people may turn out to be wrong.  Over the last 3 decades, there is a growing acceptance that these so-called anomalous phenomena are indeed plausible and statistically proven beyond chance. The new openness to intuition can be gauged by the explosion of journal publications. Based on a search of on Aug 17, 2021, there are 25, 646 results versus 37 publications before 1970.

We can perceive these experiences as anomalous or accept the fact that our conventional understanding of the mechanics of the world needs a serious upgrade. I experienced an unusual event when I was 24 years old and very few people around me know what happened, but it changed my life trajectory. Over two decades of studying the phenomenon, I also invented processes to understand, improve, and practically apply the phenomenon in practical life. To explain the phenomenon, I will make a step-by-step argument building my conclusion on top of it. To be clear, I will also like to redefine “Psychic Processes” as largely unconscious processes that do not follow the established norms of physics and “Psychic Intuition” as the ability to gain knowledge from a distance without the use of ordinary senses and not bound by the usual constraints of time.

Psychic Communication and Sixth Sense – Background Processing in Computers & Similar Processing in Human Brain and Mind 

Intuition is often thought of as a kind of mental awareness. On the contrary, intuition is a complex, multilevel body-mind-emotion awareness and understanding with some sorts of heuristics (direction). All telepathic communications or psychic intuition have psychophysiological markers. Cerebral Insights are combined with somatic sensations in various parts of our body. These are the same markers that make us aware of hunger, thirst, pain, and sex. As such, any psychic phenomenon uses the same channels or streams of communications as we use on a daily basis to function in our lives. Intuitive or psychic people are more aware of these subtle markers than the average population. In some cases, the amplitude of cerebral insights is high enough to make someone in the normative population aware of these subtle body feelings. There is a time lag component though in that it may take a few minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months for those subtle feelings to become clear enough conscious insights. As such, those who can pick up, parse,  understand and decipher the subtle feelings have an advantage of time over others. This is why I like to say basis my research that Intuition is embodied rather than cerebral and is actually a part of our evolutionary development.

An analogy of computer systems with the human mind’s processing is timely. The central theme of this section is that our brain presents us with a simpler and dummy-proof user interface of our massively complex unconscious system similar to how a computer system operates. Our consciousness pulses every 60ms and the data our unconscious mind streams to the conscious mind is heavily curated. Current day computers are designed for simple user experience i.e. the main interface we interact with is dummy-proof while hiding or masking the complexity of the underlying software code and the hardware processing. As a matter of fact, what we see on the user interface is a minuscule amount of information versus the number of processes running in the background. The complexity of the hidden processes is simply mind-blowing as we are blissfully unaware of the processing of thousands of lines of codes for each click, we are largely mute to the electromechanical processes that run in the processors and circuit boards as well as the millions of serial and parallel processes that run in the background.

Similar to computers, the background processes running in our unconscious are breathtakingly complex. Our conscious mind is simply a user illusion. The telepathic connections between us and events/objects/people operate at the unconscious level and use the unconscious language of body feelings with cerebral insights. These body feelings can be of creepiness, of psychic uncertainty, hunches and feelings of impending positive or negative events, and even those that alert us that our loved ones are in some sort of danger.

Paying attention to these body feelings and unconscious background processes is essential to understanding and refining telepathic connections. Paying attention to these subtle signals gives us the first mover advantage i.e. we know before our conscious mind knows and we know before others know.

Many times, these feelings are heuristic in nature i.e. they have predictive direction and clarity. More often than not, these feelings are confusing as we cannot put our finger on them. Let me call these feelings Spidey Sense.

In the later part of the essay, I will discuss in detail why these feelings sometimes come with a lack of clarity. At times the confusion is due to the inability of our system to parse through incomplete information, but other times these feelings originate from probable/possible events which may not actualize. More on that later.

Psychic Communication and Sixth Sense – Data Engineering and Data Pipelines

Data Engineers in the software/computing industry are in the business of creating data pipelines and processing the data for relevant use. Likewise, our unconscious mind and its various subpersonalities work together to intake sensory data from our surroundings and processes it for end use i.e. to keep us safe, to help us survive and to cope with life’s daily challenges. Our unconscious uses a process of automaticity i.e. it works on auto-pilot to achieve our end goals while we are going on with mundane things in our life.

Psychic Communications Intuition

The data sitting in data lakes is raw, unprocessed data and it is pretty useless till it is transformed first to make it useful for advanced processing. Once transformed, it is run through lawyers of stored procedures and predictive models to derive insights from the data or extract value from it. Likewise, our unconscious mind has a lot of raw data that it collects every second, but it is pretty useless if we do not know how to transform it and process it.  That requires deliberate effort and diligent practice.

Our predictive models (world models) and procedures are implicitly acquired by by default due to us being embedded in cultural settings in our family or origin. Our attention and learning systems are force-fed with the beliefs, opinions, and “facts” of our accepted cultural norms. The process works so well that our cultural upbringing automatically create the algorithms of our information ecosystem in a way that we are usually disconnected from our own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. We never get to audit these pro-programmed, externally force-fed procedures and models of our world. As such, they are default programs we acquire and learn, which are usually not optimized for best performance or high value insights. It is similar to the “No Exit” play by Jean-Paul Sartre where the three main characters in the play, are locked in a room together with no windows or fire escapes or trap doors. The problem is that the door is open and no one tries to exit through the door as they believe from hearsay that the door is locked. Similarly, we are locked in by our belief systems which we can break at any point of time.

Sometimes, if we are embedded in high performance environments or specialized task based environments, our unconscious systems will optimize the data pipelines, predictive models and procedures. Otherwise, diligent work is required to improve the quality of our intuitive insights. Psychic communication or psychically acquired insights can come from prior stored data or new data that is not already in our data lakes or data warehouses. It can also come from our proximate environments but also from non-local environments. Needless to state, pulling data from non-local sources requires lots and lots of work as it is not our default design.

In the world of data engineering, there are multiple roles such as Data Engineers, Data Scientists and Data Analysts. Similar roles exist in our unconscious mind and super specialized subpersonalities are in the business of extracting data, transforming data, creating and maintaining belief models and querying our unconscious mind for help or answers. As I will discuss later, if you want good quality answers, then a lot of work needs to be done. Good intuition and high value psychic communications require work.

Psychic Communications Intuition

Spidey Sense is a Normative Anomalous Sense 

Most of us are not aware that what we call telepathic or psychic intuition is present in most of our daily lives. Everyone reading this post has probably watched the first few series of Spiderman movies. Peter Parker plays a superhero in a film based on the anthology comic book Amazing Fantasy created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko.

In the movie, Peter’s goes on a field trip to a genetics laboratory at Columbia University. The lab specializes in creating genetically engineered super-spiders using genetic manipulation and combination. Peter is bitten by a spider on the loose and voila, as we know, the venom injected by the spider bite begins gives Peter superpowers and premonition sixth sense.

You may not have been bitten by any genetically engineered bug, but most of you have some point in time experienced the same super power our famous Spiderman possesses. Let us break it down.

In Artificial Intelligence, we attribute various dimensions to the task environments in which agents operate. These task environments are classified as fully observable, partially observable and completely observable. Partially and completely observable are tricky for agents as there are many hidden variables potentially springing a surprise for the agents. These hidden variables or information data points may be masked by spatial layers or even by temporal progression constraints (time delay and emergence). Intuition or Spidey Sense is used to activate rapid, unconscious interpretation of our surroundings when the environment is partially or fully unobservable i.e you cannot see around the corner.

a) Heightened Awareness – Peter has an enhanced sensate acuity and increased peripheral awareness of events in the surroundings. He senses these through his body and then gets cerebral alerts which capture his attention span and width. Animals already have this ability to sense danger in the air and take preventive action. Cultivating this sense of heightened danger is an obvious benefit, but imagine being alerted every now and then with this heightened hyperawareness of your surroundings. It can cause generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), so even though we all have this power, our unconscious mind through evolutionary processes has dialled down the volume.

b) Epicentre of Danger – Spiderman also has this acute geographical awareness of the epicentre of the danger. We already have this sense where we can ascertain using visual, audio and kinesthetic cues directional danger. Unfortunately, for most of us, we do not need spiderman like powers as we live in simpler, safer environments.

c) Automatic Reflex Type Action – A weapon is launched by the bad guys at Peter and while his conscious mind is on semi-alert, his unconscious is actively planning an evasive response. As if without his conscious will, Peter’s body swings into action and sidesteps the trajectory of the launched weapon nearly missing him. I am quite sure we have all experienced an unconscious instinctual action based on some uncanny reflex saving us from dangers in the way.

d) Time Dilation – This phenomenon is known as the slowing of time giving the individual more time to react. It explains the now well-established cinematic effect of ‘bullet-time” where the bullet slows down. The slowing of bullets is an illusion. What is more plausible is that the mind is speeding up rather than the bullet slowing down.

If we leave aside the non-practical skills of clinging to walls, ability to jump across the buildings, Peter has developed more practical skills such as the ability to critically and subtly identifying a possible threat at a seemingly pre-conscious, sub-conscious or unconscious level and his below the hood mental processes sometimes stream this information instantaneously to his conscious mind. In future posts, I will show you a method where we can train our subpersonalities to increase sensory acuity to our surroundings and then leave it on auto-pilot. If you have ever gone for a massage, the therapist can tell you by touching your muscles where you have knots and where work needs to be done. The masseur or Masseuse has improved sensory acuity over many hours of training and so can anybody. The US Navy is very interested in this enhanced sensory acuity or what we call “Sixth Sense” as well.

“A seasoned Warfighter develops a gut instinct through experience,” said Lt. Cmdr. Brent Olde, ONR Warfighter Performance Department’s division deputy for human and bio-engineered systems. “If we can characterize this intuitive decision-making process and model it, then the hope is to accelerate the acquisition of these skills through simulation and scenarios; thus, providing our Sailors and Marines with years of experience in a matter of days and greatly improving their ability to make split-second decisions.”

We can consciously get information from our proximate surroundings, but, how do we get information from remote locations or perceive dangers ahead of time. As I build up this essay, I will show two methods by which we get information. One is more predictive in nature i.e our mind is making predictions and some of those predictions hit the bull’s eye making us feel we had a premonition. In this case, we may want to give less credit to our predictive ability and more to esoteric, supernatural stuff that alerted us. In the second method, we do get information from non-proximate events or objects, but this information picked up from non-proximate spatial or temporal information sources still require to pass through our predictive function analyzer. Else, it will be garbage in, garbage out. To understand the wonderful nature of our predictive mind, see my earliest post on “Predictive Coding – How is it changing our understanding of the Brain?

Telepathic Communication and Sixth Sense – Unconscious to Unconscious Communications and Subpersonalities in Mind

As I write the next part of this essay, I recommend all readers to read the previous post “Subpersonalities in Mind“. I will shortly build up a plausible model of how our subpersonalities are always in communication with others subpersonalities. As a matter of fact, my premise is that all similar subpersonalities cluster together in our mind and all similar subpersonalities of an individual cluster together with similar subpersonalities of others in a hyperspace (a multi-dimensional abstract space). People who have strong feelings of emotions relative to others have a stronger subpersonality to subpersonality connection.

I will also build a plausible model using swarm intelligence that our minds are already small and delegated parts of a larger mind. Although we feel separate and sense individualism, we are actually like fishes in a swarm of birds of a flock who are unconsciously clustered together. To make this easy, in the future posts, I will explain the dynamics of swarms, hyperspace clustering and how complex systems and computational neuroscience are pointing to a new paradigm, a new model of the global mind. We are not living in silos. As a matter of fact, our minds are extended.

Coming up next! Stayed Tuned In. I promise that you will not find this information anywhere else and this will not be mambo -jambo. I have build a working model with repetitive results and it will leave you liberated and empowered.