A British government physicist, C. Maxwell Cade, whose day job was to improvise the radar used by the industry was interested in metaphysics, psychology and all things psychic. No wonder he was the founder of the “British Society for Psychical Research” and strongly believed that all physical non-physical matter was made up of different frequencies of light. He also popularized the term “AwakenedMind” which led to a long wave of interest in brainwave entrainment products. One of the persons who worked with Cade from 1973 to 1981, carried out his legacy long after he was gone was Anna Wise. Anna is a renowned author of two popular books “Awakening the Mind: A Guide to Harnessing the Power of Your Brainwaves ” as well as “The High-Performance Mind: Mastering Brainwaves for Insight, Healing, and Creativity“. Though Cade was interested in psychic and bizarre stuff, he never sold himself as a psychic and was more interested in the common denominator of human creativity and exceptional performance.

I got interested in EEG due to some non-supernatural but extremely bizarre sequence of events when I was 23 years old naval officer. I started practicing non-EEG based meditation methods and eventually graduated to EEG based methods to deal with my anxiety and panic patterns. I did not have the money to purchase the “Mind Mirror” machine, but, I was lucky to share my room with a naval doctor who viewed me with a lot of amusement. Over time, when I had earned his trust, he helped me lay my hands on an EEG machine that was purchased for a hospital but never used. I went through a steep learning curve innovating with consumables for the electrodes as they were not easily available in India. Long story short, without the “Mind Mirror”, I was able to accurately recreate the various ratios between the brainwave types and voila, I expected to become an “AwakenedMind”. So, I did!

It just so happened that the “AwakenedMind’ training did nothing for me except making more irritated and angry at having wasted my time. Having set out to become “Awakened”, I had become “Super Angry, Irritated and Grumpy Mind”. Few years of moving as a free radical from one self-help product to another, I realized why “AwakenedMind” pattern did not work. It did not work as-as the information content within my mind and brain was of poor quality, was poorly structured. Had I attempted to implement my useless knowledge in the real world, I would have found out sooner. Soon enough I was circling around all products, services, and books that claimed to teach us about the “Awakenedmind Pattern“. You see, learning to become an awakened mind by doing meditation but without structuring your knowledge discovery, acquisition and retention is similar to acquiring a high-end ERP software (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamic AX) when your management is in shambles, your business processes are poorly structured and the data capture across various departments is sub-optimal. You are expecting your ship to come alongside the dock, but the depth of the water is shallow. In other words, Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO). Of course, unless you believe that knowledge discovery, acquisition and retention will occur psychically, magically and supernaturally when you become the “AwakenedMind”.

So, what is the AwakenedMind Pattern (AMP)? For those who are not aware of any EEG basics, first, go and read this nice write-up and then we will jump to the ‘AMP”.