About the Author: Wikimonk!

Rohit Sharma started his life with an undiagnosed learning disorder and after sidestepping the learning inhibitors became a contrarian mind, a mechanical/marine engineer by trade, a design and reverse engineer by specialization and eventually an “Emergent Strategy and Breakthrough Inventing” consultant by practice.

Rohit’s philosophy was shaped by a roller coaster ride through unremarkable yet milestone events in his life. He is the author of two upcoming books “Cluster Patterns”, “Luck Re-Engineering”. He also invented from bolt up three groundbreaking and extremely potent hands-on intuitive training processes i.e. Mental Model Innovation, Hyperforecasting and Unconscious Deception Detection (UDD not for public release till 2019 due to a client embargo under an exclusive agreement).  

There were more false starts and many dead ends and it seemed like there was no way out of the darkness. Persistent and brutish as he was in the first part of his life, he set out to solve his own problems which, otherwise were compounding into serious disruptive events. The accidental and potentially groundbreaking invented mental processes solved his problems more effectively than any existing method known to problem solvers, but also led to some ancillary problems. He realized very quickly that in a quest to solve his problems successfully, he had used brutish approach at times creating more unintended problems. This emergent dynamic is a key property of complex systems and wicked problems.Brute Forcing solutions in such a problem space is a recipe for disaster.The problem-solving process was continuously updated to incorporate new insights into a stable state. Finally, a repeatable and empirically tested process was created free of variability.

Many years after the enlightening but definitely not fun journey, he decided to fruition his knowledge into a consulting practice after leaving the comfort of a great corporate career. He is a sought-after consultant/adviser/mentor amongst clients who have Wicked Problems which are immune to deduction, reducibility, rigorous analysis and brute force strategies. Avidly interested in the biological evolution of brain, mind and specifically “The Art of Strategic Intuition”, he has actively studied adaptive problem solving, modeled the unconscious/intuitive mind and created processes to improve human performance using his insights with outcomes guarantee.

He left the Indian Navy after 16 years in uniformed service to join the corporate world where he served in global senior executive management positions in a multitude of roles. He and also headed extremely challenging multi-million dollar greenfield projects in defense, remote logistics, naval services, hostile location support and anti-piracy support services for many large-cap government and commercials clients including US Government, United Nations, NATO, DND Canada, MOD (UK). After extensively traveling the world and living life in the fast lane (read unending rut of life), he is living the antithesis of it. In his early forties, he considers himself semi-retired and lives a deeply fulfilling life nears the Canadian Rockies in Calgary, Alberta.

It may help you to know that the world is becoming a more and more uncertain place as every day passes and our skill set has not really evolved to deal with this disruptive complexity. People devise strategies to deal with uncertainty and complexity and organizations dedicate extended resources for risk analysis, risk mitigation and innovative strategies to deal with fast-changing market and economic dynamics. It is now well known that conventional Strategy is known to perform poorly in complex situations but, spectacularly fails during accelerating uncertainty. However, our ability to optimally utilize and leverage our massively parallel, hierarchical, cascading and nesting biological neural networks can help us stay ahead of the curve. We have a superior right hemispheric and sub-cortical bio-inspired supercomputer which can never be replicated by any amount of technological innovation. Functionally, if one does not know how to deal with unfolding uncertainty, irrespective of the success, wealth or titles achieved in life, their fitness function is deemed poor on the evolutionary fitness scale. He loves to hear from his readers and if you feel like reaching out, feel free to drop a line here.

He frequently blogs at “Wikimonk.com” where he offers contrarian insights for the rapidly changing world. You can Follow him on Twitter or  LinkedIn to learn how to convert “Extreme Risk into Growth” opportunities.