What We Do ?

We solve really challenging and complex problems in almost any domain. We are the only consulting company applying the hardest form of strategy process i.e. Emergent Strategy. Our clients get blown away by the effectiveness of these counter-intuitive and sub-symbolic strategic processes. We also hyperforecast by utilizing the massive power of our neural networks strengthened by repeatable, result oriented intuition enhancing training methods. The hyperforecasts are used to develop strategies for our clients and customers. Our core strength is a deep understanding of “implicit to implicit” communication or “unconscious to unconscious communication” and the manner in which humans unconsciously signal to others their deepest fears, their core strategies, capabilities, and intentions.  We also offer advisory and training solutions focused on the groundbreaking processes in the consulting and training industry.

Our training, consulting and advisory work is inspired and shaped by a philosophy that we are agents in a multi-agent system which is rapidly evolving every second. All of us are embedded in this complex and chaotic environment and we adapt to the environment using our cognitive skills and embodied mind. Our rational and logical minds are up to no good dealing with this complexity. Logic and Rationality are fairly recent additions to our mental apparatus and skills. It is the right hemispheric, sub-cortical, sub-symbolic superior intuitive processing which helped us become a superior species. Of all the functions our cognitive and embodied functions play, the most important functions are “Search” and “Predict”. Intelligence is about “Predictive Search” to allow us to adapt to the environment more effectively. All other definitions of intelligence are irrelevant.

The philosophy and the consulting framework developed when we found ourselves at an intersection of multiple diverse subjects while dealing with significant challenging problems. In the next few years, it also became evident that “Technological Innovation” has just scratched the surface, is only mirroring the inner abilities we as humans possess. The technological innovation will soon be surpassed by Human Re-engineering as the next big revolution.

Inspired by Biological and Evolutionary Algorithms for the Brain/Mind

Our brain and mind developed over millions of years of adaptive response to our environment. If we need to utilize the full power of this framework, we should learn how to optimally use this massively parallel, hierarchical, nesting and cascading, Bayesian Predictive, Experience Trapping biological neural network. The most powerful components of this super powerful system work below the threshold of our consciousness and remain active even when we are offline (sleeping, resting, in a coma). Our limited understanding of the power of this system is created by narrow bandwidth top-down symbolic systems. We have found an extremely effective way of training our own biological networks which has allowed a small company like us to punch above our weight.

We have also developed a rock solid inner conviction during our work that humans are biological pattern recognition/pattern storage entities which utilize the powerful evolutionary functions of intuition, instinct, and insight to evolve to a more coherent, authentic race or species. Our training is heavily influenced by research areas from Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Artificial Intuition (AN), Biological Intuition (BN), Complex Systems, Kaizen, Neuroscience, Developmental and Evolutionary Psychology and 26 other subjects. We have discovered unique and possibly groundbreaking processes to completely transform the inner patterns of individuals and groups. Our belief has strengthened that we should use the new research to alleviate a range of problems our society is facing today. These problems range from mental health issues to our inability as a race to devise coherent and workable problem-solving strategies in the fast accelerating corporate, political and socio-economic environment.

Our working model is further heavily influenced by the premise that our body is the unconscious mind. Re-framing Mental Patterns can be only be done through tweaking and reinforcing the muscle memory. We have used segmental armoring research as well as innovation processes used in research labs to innovate and disrupt human mental models. The end result is the creation of better and more productive human clusters. We also draw heavily from the study of neural networks, recognition-primed decisions (RPD) models, detailed study of biological intuition as well as the writing and research of Michael Gazzaniga. The working model is bolted on to a philosophy that practical skills required for human empowerment in complex environments are not taught in conventional education frameworks. These are apparently the core skills which make individuals successful in their chosen area of the domain or general contexts. Without these skills, nothing else matters and with these, nothing else is required. Any level of degree or education cannot match these skills and these are critical skills our world needs at this crucial juncture.

Our problem-solving approach is a direct derivative of our philosophy where agents in a multi-agent system are trying to solve harmony seeking optimization solutions. As humans, we have an instinctive unconscious program that drives us to excel in given contexts. The instinctive Kaizen program which means “change for the better” is responsible for a continuous online and offline “predictive search” functionality in our brain and mind. We strive to excel in the given contexts versus our peers as well as strive to transcend our previous successes. This unconscious and mostly instinctive program of “Human Kaizen” occurs through optimal predictive search in an attempt to solve various optimization problems.  On a daily basis in personal and professional contexts, we unconsciously solve a large range of optimization problems. Problems ranging from discrete to continuous optimization, unconstrained to constrained optimization, one to multi-objective problems as well as deterministic to stochastic optimization (uncertainty) problems. While we have a sophisticated massively parallel, hierarchical, nesting and cascading network which can help us solve a diverse range of problems, out of the box, our brain and mind is only setup for basic functions. To make matters worse, our early cultural and family of origin frames locks down the advanced ability of our sophisticated cognitive and computational mechanisms.

In our problem-solving approach, we have devised a potentially groundbreaking methodology to improve our “Predictive Search Function” to enable us to solve a large range of optimization problems. The methodology is extremely powerful, starts working immediately leading to perceptive shifts and is a counter-intuitive process which is the first of it’s kind. The methodology has been successfully applied and tested in personal and professional contexts right from business strategy to entrepreneurship. It is based on a deep understanding of the neuropsychological computations our brains carry out during intuitive expertise episodes in chosen contexts.

Outcomes as a Service or “OaaS” is the first of it’s kind consulting methodology in solution shop consulting. Solutions shop consultants sell pedigree, subjective judgment, theoretical processes, and demeanor as replacements for measurable outcome oriented processes. Price is a proxy for quality, Brand is an excuse for premiums and poor execution of strategy is a mythical excuse for the failure of the strategy. Consultants have propagated the “Execution Myth” for so long that it has become a modern folklore. There is a deeply embedded belief that the big solution shops deliver superior crafted, perfect solutions for all the business or individual problems in the world. Solution shop consultants are hired for their superior analytics, structured thinking skills. They are stuck in an era where rational and logical mind was proposed to be more superior than vastly parallel and powerful Intuitive Mind. It so happens that rational and logical mind is a recent invention which spectacularly fails to deal with complex problems and uncertainty.

The allure of logical mind combined with structured analytical frameworks such as Five Forces, SWOT and many other etc are projected as magical tool-kits. Toolkits which, some claim, can solve any of your problems.  The only flaw occurs in Execution of strategic solutions. It is told that only if you could catch the elusive Unicorn of execution, Outcomes will flow out with song and dance, lights and music. The inductive left brain approach combined with a rigorous analysis is touted to be able to solve any problem. It is a mass belief that left brain dominant CEO’s and Leaders somehow can come up with superior solutions to the problems in the uncertain marketplace. If you always had a nagging feeling that there was something amiss in the above narrative, then, you have come to the right place. The above narrative is everyday proven false in the empirical labs of our life, our companies, our marketplace and our economy. It requires paradigm shifts to break long rooted myths and paradigm shifts are rare. “Oaas” is designed to shatter the above myth within seconds of learning the optimization processes.

There are well-known cases where “one man’s strategy is known to become another man’s poison”. It so happens that research is proving that “Intuitive Expertise” of one person can rarely be transferred to another person. “Intuitive Expertise” is developed and sharpened in the trenches of the battleground rather than in classroom and academic pursuits. Mentors are people who have developed expertise while embedded in similar contexts and mentors provide more optimal advice than consultants who have rarely experienced the trenches themselves.  We are also told that left brain based rigorous analysis, bolted on to “Blue Ocean Strategies” and “Innovation Sparking Methods” will illuminate the dark path ahead. What we are not told is that the business graveyard is full of companies for whom, acquiring and purchasing off the shelf, turn around strategies or growth strategies did not work. In “OaaS”, we do not solve problems for you and do not offer you our judgment or pedigree based advice. Instead, we help you develop your Intuitive Expertise. We teach you how to fish for yourself in any context effortlessly.

Finally, “OaaS” is a new problem-solving toolkit based on an 18-year long contrarian research on the operation of the human mind. A toolkit that was acquired right under the nose of the elitist, rigorous analysis proponents. Welcome to world’s first “OaaS” approach in service consulting.“OaaS” framework will set you free from the lure of theory rich, execution poor framework and strategies. “OaaS” framework will help you develop your personalized toolkit for problem-solving any problem for the rest of your life. Unless you need or desire so, you will Never need us again. A psychologist’s job is to help one gain insight into old life patterns so that one may set themselves free from their self-defeating patterns. Our philosophy is same and our aim is achieved when you don’t need us again ever due to your developed Intuitive Expertise in solving any problem.

Here is our promise, you will have never come across such a potent and effective problem solving methodology. Clients who have worked with us exhibit an intellectual shock when they practice the process. It is the most counter-intuitive problem solving process which heavily relies in biological intuition to achieve outcomes.

If you feel called, please drop us a note through the contact page and we will set aside some time to chat. Around this corner, we only sell Outcomes, Outcomes and Outcomes. We keep it free of any bundled exotics (unless you really need it) such as pedigree, eloquence, subjective judgment. In most of the cases, these exotic add-ons are irrelevant to the achievement of outcomes.